What can I do to have purpose? I’m just a 28 year old human, figuring it all out. Sometimes I’m an expert, sometimes I’m a student. Both at the same time mostly. But what I know for sure is that the freedom I experience in movement shouldn’t only be joyful for myself. I want to move you. I want to give you this joy. Dancing and moving is just a tool to achieve this kind of pleasure, playfulness, freedom. It fits cause of my history. You can achieve this freedom in multiple ways, but movement is mine.
Sometimes I’m afraid that my academic history will stop you from joining my class. That you think: oh, I can’t dance like her. And maybe you are scared.
Dancing scares a lot of people. Moving this body that nature gave us. Which you don’t always agree with maybe? And with dancing, putting it out there, so everybody will see this body MOVING. Oh my god; can you feel more EXPOSED?
And maybe you are scared that you’ll be totally left alone on the dancefloor, maybe with me screaming: DANCE FROM WITHIN, AAAARGGH FEEL IT! Surrounded by people who seem to be totally okay with “dancing from within”. And you’ll stand there, feeling so fucking alone maybe. Feeling so vulnerable. What does dancing from within even MEAN? What the hell are you supposed to FEEL? And how, HOW do you dance with this body that doesn’t do anything like you would have made up in your mind. WHAT, HOW, UUGHH?!
Yes. We’ve all been there, and I have been there too (yes, i’ve been there too, with my pointy balletfeet and splits and all, it doesn’t tell anything about what’s going on mentally 😉 ).
So here I say: Trust me in this. Relax. I’ll guide you. You’ll feel it.
If you are looking for a danceclass where everybody is doing the same thing, yes, join that class, cause I know, it’s fun!
But my danceclasses, specifically Free Flow, Sensual Feminine and Kids on the Move, are not so much about how it looks. It’s about experiencing joy, pleasure and freedom. You’ll connect with your body and from there you’ll move. Even in my poleclasses this will occur, eventhough the aim of like-ability and aesthetics in this genre are higher. I’m not against it! But the source always lies in moving from within, your authentic selves.
So please, don’t be intimidated of a skill I just simply did for years. It’s an addition, it’s a tool. It’s a result of training, actually simply cause I didn’t know what else to do with my life. I figured it out now. I’m here, for you !
PS. maybe you like this idea so much, but maybe you’re still scared to do this in a group. Give me a message cause I also teach private Free Flow classes. Just try it!
Photocredits: Johnny Lloyd
The Expert and The Student