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Movement Meditation - workshop or private classes

Are your thoughts racing? Are your emotions freezing you? With Movement Meditation thoughts calm down and emotions fall into place. While practicing it could be that you have clear insights. 

Dance Medicine

Express whatever it is that you feel through dance. With this course my love for dancing and storytelling are combined, creating a place for healing, self development and expression. An inspiring course where we'll work with theme's, guided storytelling, inspirational objects and ambient music.

Intensive - Liliths' Night

With Liliths' Night you start an intensive trajectory where we meet every other two weeks, while working towards a performance. However, it is not so much about the performance itself, it's about expressing who you are and taking your space for it. The Intensive is a creative experience where self development is its main goal. Just like Lilith, the free-spirited woman. You can count on inspiring meetings, a close bound with your fellow students, personal growth and a magical performance day. Are you in?

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Workshop - release

This workshop is specifically designed to move intuitively and to release what no longer serves you. A valuable and intensive experience that resonates on deep unconscious levels.

Cursus - For dancers who feel lost

Why did you started dancing? Probably because it gave you joy. Perhaps you've got so indulged with performing on top level, you've lost your joy in dancing. Maybe you've quit completely, but missing it every day. This course, which contains dance improvisation classes is specifically for ex-(semi)professional dancers. The classes will help you with the psychological aspect to regain joy in dance again, but also to conquer the fear of failure. A safe space is created with a warm group, music that will make you move and beautiful guided theme's.

Workshop - Exotic Witchery

With this workshop you'll dive into your sensual power. By connecting with your body through dance, you'll discover along the way how your sexual fire is lit. A special day in an intimate and safe setting, with woman or once who identify as woman. Every body is welcome.